Mehrsa Publication Institute

Mehrsa publication institute, was founded in 2011 as a part of Mehr-o-Mah publishing group. Mehrsa specializes in the "Brain and Cognition” field, with the goal of developing distinguished educational content for a wide range of educated audiences from therapists to clients, families and general population.

In its 5th year of operation, Mehrsa is focused on the following book series:

1."Brain Gym” series for enhancing cognitive abilities and brain functions:One of the priorities of Mehrsa house since 2014 has been the development of step-by-step self-education books with the aim of improving lifestyle and utilizing mental and cognitive capacities. After the seminal books of this series, the "Happy Chubby” (how to manage our weight with our brain abilities) and the "Brain Gym” (paper and pencil workbook), we have published "My Brain over Time” (with the purpose of improving brain functions over all stages of life), "My Spouse” (aiming to promote and improve marital behaviors) , "3-Dimensional Brain Hat” and "My Brain and Coloring” as the newest additions to this series. Our future plans in this track include publishing our upcoming titles, "Attention Gym”, "Memory Gym”, and adaptations of other brain faculties’ enhancement resources.




2."Child Parenting” series for communicating the latest scientific findings to parents: Our emphasis in this collection is the development of brain and cognition in children and adolescents. Our newest titles include "My Child’s Brain” and "How to Raise Outstanding Children”. Mehrsa has recently started to contribute in a new initiative with academic partners entitled "Training Brains for a Better World” that includes educational books and materials for promoting awareness and empowering kids in various domains, based on a neurocognitive framework.




3."Addiction Medicine” series for enhancing the knowledge of therapists, clients and families”:Developing educational content in prevention and treatment of addiction as a brain disorder is one of the principle goals of Mehrsa. Mehrsa is also the host of "Persian Addiction Medicine” quarterly journal.

Mehrsa publication institute’s plans for 2016 and 2017 include the continued publication of above book series and expanding our specialized books on the treatment of brain and cognitive disorders. Mehrsa is planning to extend its international collaborations with official adaptation of outstanding books in the field of public education for "Brain and Cognition” from international publishers with complete respect to intellectual properties and observance of copy-rights.




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